Outrigger Canoe Tours


2-hr Snorkel Tour

This is our most popular canoe tour by far. People often say this was the highlight of their trip.

We recommend an early start time of 8am for this tour. That is when conditions are the best. After a short safety and instructional briefing you are off paddling to one of Maui’s top turtle viewing locations. This tour is friendly for all ages. Be prepared to be face to face with lots of green sea turtles.

  • 2-hour tour

  • Includes all gear necessary, cold beverages & fresh pineapple

  • Photo and video packages available

Whale watch Experience

This seasonal outrigger canoe tour is truly a once in a lifetime experience. Get up close and personal with these amazing creatures and get ready to be in awe of their beauty. We don’t keep an eye on the time. If you are getting some good action and are willing to keep paddling we stay out there till you are more than satisfied.

  • 2-hour tour

  • Cold beverages and fruit

  • underwater audible listening device

  • Listen to the whales communicate and sing

Turtle Watch & Canoe Surfing

This is tour offers a great intro into learning and experiencing outrigger canoeing. While this tour does not offer snorkeling you are more than welcome to jump in and swim around. You will most likely see turtles basking in the sun at the surface close up as you paddle along the south shore of Maui and catch a few waves. It is a great way to spend the early morning in Maui and get a little exercise at the same time.

  • Safety and instructional briefing

  • 1 1/2-hour of paddling

  • Cold beverages and fresh fruit

Hawaiian Cultural Canoe Experience

This canoe tour is exactly what the title says. If you are wanting to learn and immerse yourself in the Hawaiian culture, this tour is for you. This is a very intimate experience unlike any other you might find on Maui. You will learn the true Hawaiian names of many things as well the importance the Wa’a (canoe) played in everyday life in Hawaii, how to paddle the Wa’a correctly, learn chants and possibly be serenaded by your guide while playing the ukulele. We recommend booking this tour as far in advance as possible.