Maui Waterfalls


When visiting Maui, experiencing waterfalls should be on everyone’s list of things to do. There is something about the sound of constant water pounding on itself that magically removes oneself from the feeling of stress. When next to a waterfall just close your eyes and you can immediately feel anxiety and stress ooze out your body.

Maui has so many waterfalls to see. You just have to convince yourself to leave the safety and comfort of your hotel or condo for a half day or so. Most accommodations are located on the sunny and dry side of the island and all waterfalls are located on the wet and rainy side of the island. So most waterfalls on Maui are at least an hour drive away. Although some waterfalls are easy to see from the road there are many that are just out of sight and require some adventurous hiking to get to. For those wanting to see more off the beaten path waterfalls we recommend a local tour guide. One company I would highly recommend is yours truly, Blue Soul Maui. We are specialists in the waterfall department here on Maui.

If hiking and swimming in waterfalls isn’t your thing but would love to see a lot of waterfalls, I would recommend taking a helicopter tour of Maui. From a helicopter you can see practically all of Maui’s amazing waterfalls. You will be stunned how many there actually is. One company I would recommend is Air Maui. They have the best safety record in the business. Their helicopters are super comfortable and the staff is extremely friendly and full of Aloha. We have partnered up with them in them past to accommodate various custom private charters. Involving swimming under waterfalls and cliff jumping, gourmet lunch by the beach, and touring the road to Hana.

However you choose to see waterfalls, please use good judgement and be safe at all times. I have compiled a short list of things to think about before going to a waterfall by yourself.

  • Never dive into water until you have thoroughly tested the depth.

  • Bring bug spray, a great natural deterrent is vanilla extract.

  • Wet rocks tend to be extremely slippery, go slow and use your hands.

  • Be aware of the weather and be extra cautious of flash flooding.

  • Don’t leave valuables in the car if you end up parking on the side of the highway.

  • Expect to get muddy, bring change of clothes.

  • Use extreme caution when taking risky selfies.

  • Treat yourself to Maui’s best pizza in Pa’ia on your way back and eat at Flatbread Co.